Marin Hellwege


I am an Assistant Professor at the University of South Dakota in the Department of Political Science. I specialize in American Politics. I am also affiliated with the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program in the College of Arts & Sciences.
I earned my Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico in 2016. My MA (2011) and BA (2009) are also in Political Science from UNM and Colorado Mesa University. My primary research concentration lies in the interaction between political institutions and identity, particularly as related to the political representation of women and other marginalized identities, including race and ethnicity.
I have published in American Politics Research, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Social Science Quarterly, Policing: An International Journal, and Politics, Groups, and Identities. I teach various courses in American Political Institutions, as well as Women & Politics, Identity Politics, and Campaigns & Democracy.
My research has been awarded the Hahn-Sigelman award for best paper in APR 2019, and has been featured in the Monkey Cage, the LegBranch blog, and the LSE USCentre blog; I've also published short pieces in Mischiefs of Faction​I also proudly serve on the Vermillion, SD City Council

Tweet @JuliaHellwege | 414 E Clark st. Vermillion, SD 57069 Dakota Hall 233B | julia.hellwege@usd.edu