In Progress

  • Lisa A. Bryant and Julia Marin Hellwege. Working Parents Represent: How Parenthood Influences the Legislative Agenda of Members of Congress. Book Manuscript. Under Review with NYU Press.
  • Mallinson, Daniel, Julia Marin Hellwege, and Eric Loepp, eds. Pedagogy Through the Research Process. Full proposal under review. with Palgrave McMillan
  • Emily M. Farris, Andrea Malji, and Julia Marin Hellwege. “Suggestions for Male Colleagues in Supporting Junior Women on Campus.” Revise and Resubmit.
  • Julia Marin Hellwege, Thomas Mrozla, and Keenan Knutelski. “Gendered Perceptions of Procedural (In)Justice in Police Encounters. Under Review.
  • Gerrish, Ed and Julia Marin Hellwege. “Strategic Behavior in State Multi-Member Districts: Does Fielding One Candidate Offer a Notable Advantage?” Preparing for submission.
  • Julia Marin Hellwege. “When Your State Legislature “Looks” Like You: The Heterogeneous Effects of Collective Descriptive Representation on State Legislative Approval” Preparing for submission.
  • Julia Marin Hellwege. “Going the Extra Mile: Surrogate Activities of State Legislators”. Preparing for submission.