This course introduces you to the systematic and rigorous study of American Politics. The course offers an understanding of the forces that influence the behavior of individuals and institutions in and around government. In particular, we focus on the factors that help shape attitudes and behaviors of actors within the political system. These actors include voters, the media, political activists, candidates, members of Congress, and the President. The framework we develop permits the critical examination of representative government in American national politics: How is it supposed to work? Where does it fail and why? How can it be made to work more successfully? The course is designed to generate knowledge of basic concepts in the study of American Politics, foster critical thinking skills, and encourage civic engagement. This section is designed for Political Science majors.

Welcome to American Government (POLS 100)



Sen. John Thune visits class Fall 2019

MMIW Team presents at the Public Service Colloquium

Congress Infographics