Several principles guide my educational philosophy- you can read my full teaching philosophy (2021). Primarily, I see my role as the facilitator who inspires and engages students to reach their own potential in learning. Fundamentally, I stress students’ individual capacity and I strive to see students as holistic individuals who exist beyond the classroom. I see critical thinking as a skill that anyone can learn and vital to student success; I emphasize the role of citizenship as a part of life-long learning; and I firmly hold that students are most successful when they are passionate and have efficacy in their learning. I am honored that these guiding principles have made me a successful teacher, earning both of USD's university-wide teaching awards, the Belbas Larson Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Lambda Chi Teaching Award for introductory courses at USD.
I hope you will use this page to request a letter of recommendation, review my course syllabi, find teaching resources and sample activities, and view sample student projects